A: Welcome to An Tús Nua Irish Dance Academy in Logan, Cache Valley's certified Irish dance school!
If you are looking for the dance form that made Riverdance and Lord of the Dance so popular and captivating, you have found it!

Modern Irish stepdancing is the product of centuries of tradition and culture. While stepdancing most likely arose from lively dances performed at ceili (party) gatherings, it has grown into a complex art form, first brought to international attention by Riverdance. Today, Irish stepdancing is strictly regulated by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha in Dublin, Ireland, the governingbody which works to maintain the integrity and competitions, and through an extensive certification process for those who wish to become a teacher of Irish step-dancing.

Being with a certified Irish dance school ensures that you won't be learning someone's interpretation of a dance form or "show"; or steps done to Irish music that have been diluted or changed to fit their own needs.

Those teachers who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and ability to pass on the beloved step dancing tradition and earned that prestigious distinction are a TCRG.
TCRG stands for Teagascoir Choimisiuin le Rinci Gaelacha (Gaelic: Commission Ceritfied Irish Dance Teacher)
An Tús Nua is directed by Terena Lund, TCRG. We are proud to be the only An Coimisiun certified Irish dance school in Cache Valley.
So, if you want to learn Irish dancing, contactirishgirlzz@hotmail.comor (435) 757-7107!