As soon as a dancer wishes, they can call Gloria @ Stylish Designs in Tremonton (435)257-2286 to arrange to be measured for a school jumper.  Feel free to buy a used one from the studio if any are available in the size needed.  
French toast long-sleeved white blouse with a Peter Pan collar can be ordered on-line.  They run from $10-$14, depending on size, without shipping.  Again, feel free to look at the studio for a used one first.
Wigs are ordered from the studio.  Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Our school tiara is available at the studio for $15.  All girls should have one.
Shoes can be ordered from Irish Treasures or at any feiseanna.  Soft shoes, hardshoes, poodle socks and sock glue are available.  Also, number holders might be a good thing to order if you are competing.

BOYS - Boys should wear black pants, black socks, white long-sleeved shirt with an orange or lime green tie.

A dancer must have 4 of the 7 grade dances in Novice to purchase a solo costume.  This includes dresses for girls and vest or jackets for boys.  The rules for solo costumes is clear.  They CANNOT be worn in Beginner 1 or Beginner 2.  All solo costumes should be approved through TC.

ALL students should wear a black shirt with black shorts or skirts, to class each week.  Sweats can be worn in the winter until warm-ups are complete.  Dancer's knees should be visible for the duration of class including across-the-floors.

Team dresses will need to be purchased by those invited to compete on teams.